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Our Sickness He Bore1/13/2019Matthew 8:14-172019-01-13JohnBarachOurSicknessHeBoreMatthew814-17.mp3
From East to West1/6/2019Matthew 8:5-132019-01-06JohnBarachFromEastandWestMatt85-13.mp3
Following And Faith12/30/2018Matthew 7:28-8:42018-12-30JohnBarachFollowingandFaithMatthew728to84.mp3
The Emperor And The Baby12/23/2018Luke 2:1-52018-12-23TheEmperorandtheBabyLuke21-5.mp3
The Shoot From Jesse's Stump12/16/2018Isaiah 11: 1-102018-12-16TheShootFromJessesStumpIsaiah111-10.mp3
A Son Is Given12/9/2018Isaiah 9:6-72018-12-09JohnBarachASonIsGivenIsaiah96-7.mp3
A Great Light12/2/2018Isaiah 9:1-52018-12-02JohnBarachAGreatLightIsaiah91-5.mp3
Narrow Gate, Narrow Way11/25/2018Matthew 7:13-292018-11-25JohnBarachNarrowGateNarrowWayMatt713-29.mp3
Self-Love and Neighbor-Love11/18/2018Matthew 7:1-122018-11-18JohnBarachSelf-loveandNeighbor-loveMatt71-12.mp3
Seek First The Kingdom11/11/2018Matthew 6:25-342018-11-11JohnBarachSeekFirstTheKingdomMatt625-34.mp3
Treasures Where?11/4/2018Matthew 6:19-242018-11-04johnbarachtreasureswherematt619-24.mp3
Testing And Rescue10/28/2018Matthew 6:132018-10-28JohnBarachTestingAndRescueMatt613.mp3
The Folley Of Sin/ Pastor Oleg Volkov10/21/2018Titus 3:3-72018-10-21TheFolleyOfSinTitus33-7.mp3
Rev. Ravil Kunaceak "Worshipping In Marriage"10/14/2018Acts 17:22-312018-10-14RevRavilKunakeakWorshippinginMarriageActs1722-31.mp3
Forgive Us Our Debts10/7/2018Matthew 6:112018-10-07JohnBarachForgiveusourdebts.mp3
Our Daily Bread9/30/2018Matthew 6:112018-9-30JohnBarachOurDailyBreadMatthew611.mp3
Your Will Be Done9/23/2018Matthew 6:10b2018-09-23YourWillBeDoneMatthew610b.mp3
Hallowed be Your Name9/9/2018Mathew 6:9b2018-09-09JohnBarachHallowedBeYourNameMatt69b.mp3
Our Father in Heaven9/2/2018Mathew 6:9a2018-09-02JohnBarachOurFatherinHeaven.mp3
Secret Piety, Public Reward8/26/2018Mathew 6:1-182018-08-26JohnBarachSecretPietyPublicRewardMatt61-18.mp3
Love Your Enemies8/19/2018Mathew 5:43-482018-08-19JohnBarachLoveYourEnemiesMatthew543-48.mp3
Samson The Israelite8/12/2018Mathew 5:38-422018-08-12JohnBarachSamsontheIsraeliteMatt538-42.mp3
Jesus And Oaths8/5/2018Mathew 5:3-122018-08-05JohnBarachJesus&Oaths.mp3
Jesus & Divorce7/29/2018Mathew 5:31-322018-07-29JohnBarachJesusandDivorceMatthew531-32.mp3
Jesus & Adultery7/22/2018Mathew 5:27-302018-07-22JohnBarachJesus&Adultery.mp3
Murder And Anger7/15/2018Mathew 5:21-262018-07-15JohnBarachMurderandAngerMatthew521-26.mp3
Jesus, the Law, and the Prophets7/8/2018Matthew 5:17-202018-07-08JohnBarachJesusthelawandtheProphetsMatt517-20.mp3
Salt and Light7/1/2018Matthew 5:13-162018-07-01JohnBarachSaltAndLightMatt513-16.mp3
John Barach 6/24/2018Matthew 5:9-122018-06-24JohnBarach.mp3
Peacemakers6/17/2018Matthew 5:92018-06-17JohnBarachPeacemakersMatthew59.mp3
The Pure See God6/10/2018Matthew 5:82018-06-10JohnBarachThePureSeeGodMatt58.mp3
Mercy For The Merciful6/3/2018Matthew 5:82018-06-03JohnBarachMercyForTheMercifulMatt58.mp3
Hungering For Rightneousness5/27/2018Matthew 5:62018-05-27JohnBarachHungeringForRighteousnessMatt56.mp3
Spirit Power For Missions( Wes Baker)5/20/2018Various Scriptures2018-05-20WesBakerSpiritPowerForMissions.mp3
At Yahweh's Right Hand5/13/2018Psalm 1102018-05-13JohnBarachAtYahwehsRightHandPsalm1914.mp3
The Meek Inherit5/6/2018Matthew 5:52018-05-06JohnBarachTheMeekInheritMatthew55.mp3
Happy Are the Mourners4/29/2018Matthew 5:42018-04-29JohnBarachHappyAreTheMournersMatthew54.mp3
Happy Are the Mourners4/29/2018Matthew 5:42018-04-29JohnBarachHappyAreTheMournersMatthew54.mp3
The Poor In Spirit4/22/2018Matthew 5:32018-04-22JohnBarachThePoorInSpiritMatthew53.mp3
At The Mountain4/15/2018Matthew 5:1-22018-04-15 John Barach At The Mountain Matt5 1-2.mp3
Light In Dark Galilee4/8/2018Matthew 4:12-252018-04-08 John Barach Light In Dark Galilee Matt4 12-25.mp3
The Trustworthy Gospel4/1/2018Mark 16:9-202018-04-01 John Barach The Trustworthy Gospel Mark16 9-20.mp3
Bread And Wine3/25/2018Mark 14:22-252018-03-25 John Barach Bread And Wine Mark14 22-25.mp3
Passover And Betrayal3/18/2018Mark 14:17-212018-03-18 John Barach Passover And Betrayal Mark14 17-21.mp3
Preparing For Passover3/11/2018Mark 14:12-162018-03-11 John Barach PreparingFor Passover Mark14 12-16.mp3
Kingdom and Glory3/4/2018Matthew 4:8-112018-03-04 John Barach Kingdom and Glory Matthew4 8-11.mp3
Stones Into Bread2/18/2018Matthew 4:1-42018-02-18 John Barach Stones and Bread Matthew4 1-4.mp3
The Baptism Of Jesus2/11/2018Matthew 3:13-172018-02-11 John Barach The Baptism Of Jesus Matt3 13-17.mp3
Through The Jordan2/4/2018Matthew 3:1-122018-02-04 John Barach Through The Jordan Matthew3 1-2.mp3
Entry Incognito1/28/2018Matthew 2:19-232018-01-28 John Barach Entry Incognito Matthew2 19-23.mp3
Rachel's Weeping1/21/2018Matthew 2:16-182018-01-21 John Barach Rachel's Weeping Matthew2 16-18.mp3
A Son From Egypt1/14/2018Matthew 2:13-152018-01-14 John Barach A Son From Egypt Matthew2 13-15.mp3
The Magi And The King1/7/2018Matthew 2:1-122018-01-07 John Barach The Magi And The King.mp3
Immanuel In David's House12/31/2017Ruth 42017-12-31 John Barach Immanuel In David's House Matthew1 18-25.mp3
Redemption for God's People12/17/2017Ruth 32017-12-17 John Barach Redemption for God's People Ruth 4.mp3
The Redeemer's Wing12/10/2017Ruth 32017-12-10 John Barach The Redeemer's Wing Ruth3.mp3
God's Loyalty in Boaz's Field12/3/2017Ruth 22017-12-03 John Barach God's Loyalty in Boaz's field Ruth2.mp3
From Full to Empty11/26/2017Ruth 12017-11-26 John Barach From Full To Empty Ruth1.mp3
A Vine And Olives11/19/2017Psalm 1282017-11-19 John Barach A Vine and Olives.mp3
Visiting Pastor Oleg Volkov11/12/2017Proverbs 6:16-192017-11-12 Oleg Volkov Prov6 16-19.mp3
Visiting Pastor John Mahon on Missions11/5/2017Various Scriptures2017-11-05 Visiting Pastor John Mahon Missions.mp3
Peter Cook 10/29/2017Various Scriptures2017-10-29 Peter Cook Transfiguration.mp3
Light In The Darkness10/22/2017Psalm 1122017-10-22 John Barach Light In The Darkness Psalm112.mp3
Greetings And Grace10/15/2017Philippians 4:21-232017-10-15 John Barach Greetings And Grace Phil4 21-23.mp3
A Thank You Note10/8/2017Philippians 4:10-202017-10-08 John Barach A Thank You Note Phil4 10-20.mp3
Praiseworthy Lives10/1/2017Philippians 4:8-92017-10-01 John Barach Praiseworthy Lives Phil4 8-9.mp3
Joy And Peace9/24/2017Philippians 4:4-72017-09-24 John Barach Joy And Peace Phil4 4-7.mp3
United We Stand9/17/2017Philippians 4:1-32017-09-17 John Barach United We Stand Phil4 1-3.mp3
John Barach9/10/2017Philippians2017-09-10 John Barach.mp3
John Barach9/3/2017Philippians2017-09-03 John Barach.mp3
Heavenly Citizenship8/27/2017Philippians 3:17-212017-08-27 John Barach Heavenly Citizenship Philippians3 17-21.mp3
Loss And Gain8/13/2017Philippians 3:1-32017-08-13 John Barach Loss And Gain Philippians3 4-11.mp3
John Barach8/6/2017Philippians 2:17-302017-08-06 John Barach.mp3
Christlike Examples7/30/2017Psalm 192017-07-30 John Barach Christlike Examples Philippians2 17-30.mp3
Better Than Gold And Honey7/23/2017Philippians 2:12-162017-07-23 John Barach Better Than Gold and Honey Psalm19.mp3
Work Out Your Salvation7/16/2017Philippians 2:5-112017-07-16 John Barach Work Out Your Salvation Philippians2 12-16.mp3
The Mindset Of Christ7/9/2017Philippians 2:1-42017-07-09 John Barach The Mindset Of Christ Philippians2 5-11.mp3
Complete My Joy7/2/2017Philippians 1:27-302017-07-02 John Barach Complete My Joy Philippians2 1-4.mp3
Gospel-Worthy Citizenship6/25/2017Philippians 1:18b-262017-06-25 John Barach Gospel-Worthy Citizenship Philippians1 27-30.mp3
To Live Is Christ6/18/2017Psalm 662017-06-18 John Barach To Live Is Christ Philippians1 18b-26.mp3
A Song For The Many And The One6/11/2017Philippians 1:12-18a2017-06-11 Visiting Pastor A Song For The Many And The One Psalm66.mp3
The Gospel Advances5/21/2017Philippians 1:9-112017-05-21 John Barach The Gospel Advances Philippians1 12-18a.mp3
Abounding Love5/14/2017Philippians 1:3-82017-05-14 John Barach Abounding Love Philippians1 9-11.mp3
Partnership in the Gospel5/7/2017Philippians 1:3-8 2017-05-07 John Barach Partnership in the Gospel Phil4 7.mp3
Greetings In Christ4/30/2017Philippians 1:1-2 2017-04-30 John Barach Greetings In Christ Philippians1 1-2.mp3
According To My Righteousness4/23/2017Psalm 18 2017-04-23 John Barach According To My Righteousness Psalm 18.mp3
Jesus Or Barabus4/2/2017Mark 15:1-15 2017-04-02 John Barach Jesus Or Barabus Mark15 1-15.mp3
Dangerous Leaven3/26/2017Matthew 16:1-12 2017-03-26 John Barach Dangerous Leaven Matthew16 1-12.mp3
Healing And Feeding3/19/2017Matthew 15:29-39 2017-03-19 John Barach Healing and Feeding Matthew15 29-39.mp3
Children And Little Dogs3/12/2017Matthew 15:21-28 2017-03-12 John Barach.mp3
Hand Washing And Hearts3/5/2017Matthew 15:1-20 2017-03-05 John Barach Handwashing and Hearts Matthew15 1-20.mp3
Walk On Water2/26/2017Matthew 14: 23-35 2017-02-26 John Barach Walking On Water Matthew14 23-35.mp3
The King's Feast2/19/2017Matthew 14:13b-21 2017-02-19 John Barach The King's Feast Matthew14 13b-21.mp3
The Wolf's Banquet2/12/2017Matthew 14:1-13 2017-02-12 John Barach The Wolf's Banquet Matthew13 54-58.mp3
Jesus Comes Home2/5/2017Matthew 13:54-58 2017-02-05 John Barach Jesus Comes Home Matthew 13 54-58.mp3
Treasure, Merchant, And Net1/29/2017Matthew 13:44-53 2017-01-29 John Barach Treasure Merchant and Net Matthew 13 44-53.mp3
Weeds, Mustard, And Leaven1/22/2017Matthew 13:24-43 2017-01-22 John Barach Weeds Mustard And Leaven Matthew13 24-43.mp3
The Parable Of The Sower1/15/2017Matthew 13:1-23 2017-01-15 John Barach The Parable of the Sower.mp3
God's Signet Ring1/8/2017Haggai 2:20-23 2017-01-08 John Barach God's Signet Ring Haggai2 20-23.mp3
New Creation1/1/2017Luke 2:21 2017-01-01 John Barach New Creation Luke2 21.mp3
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